• 4-5" Bones made of American Beefhide wrapped with Real Beef. Certified 99% Digestible. Stand-up Resealable Package to keep your treats fresh. Each package contains 3 Twistedz Combo bones.
  • Each rawhide treat is wrapped with real beef that will give your dog a delicious, long-lasting dog chew.
  • Grain-free, No Fillers. Twistedz chews are a safe natural product that contains no corn, wheat or soy and are preservative free.
  • Twistedz chews are produced in our state of the art GFSI SQF 2 factory.
  • These fun chews are available in five fun shapes wrapped in Real Chicken Meat or wrapped in Real Beef Meat.

American Beefhide Twistedz Real Chicken 3pk

SKU: 949832713