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Protect your ornamental trees and shrubs from aphids, borers, and scales with the Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Drench Insect Control Concentrate. This concentrate is designed to be applied around the base of your tree, seeping into the roots for complete protection. This product controls adelgids, aphids, adult Japanese beetles, leafminers, thrips, and whiteflies, among other tree pests. It can be used on outdoor trees and shrubs that are not used for food, and will protect new growth as well. Simply measure the appropriate amount according to the manufacturer's dosage instructions, and add it to a bucket of water or watering can. Evenly water around the trunk of the tree or base of the shrub, getting as close to the trunk as possible. Follow with a bucket of clean water for optimal results. The treatment will evenly spread through the plant, protecting all parts of it for an entire year. Keep your trees and shrubs pest free using this Annual Tree and Shrub Drench Insect Control Concentrate. Made in the USA.

Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Drench Insect Control Concentrate, 1 Gal

SKU: 037321006114
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