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  • Get rid of gophers for good! Gophertox Gopher Killer Poisonous Granules are designed to eliminate and protect against pocket gophers in your lawn, garden & flower beds.
  • This product is only intended for residential use. This product may only be used to control pocket gophers in manual, below the ground applications in lawns.
  • Fast-acting gopher killer pellets are very effective and economical. Just one teaspoon treats an active gopher burrow or tunnel.
  • Gophertox Gopher Killer is designed to help protect flower bulbs at fall planting. To use, simply place bait around the bulbs & cover.
  • Gophertox Gopher Killer is ready-to-use when it arrives! Package includes 1 lb. of ready-to-use granules – there’s no mixing required!

Bonide Gopher Killer, 1 lb. Granules

SKU: 037321006954
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