Convenient, clean, and effective, this powerful liquid attractant lures slugs and snails away from your plants. Deadline takes care of current slugs and snails and can also be used to prevent new ones from entering the area. It is easy to use, easy to store, and resistant against rain and irrigation.

  • One last meal for Slugs & Snails™
  • Attracts & kills slugs & snails
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Ideal for use around listed fruits and vegetables


  • Apply product around listed berry, fruit, vegetable, and ornamental plants in outdoor residential gardens (see Application Rates Chart on label).
  • Be sure area to be treated is damp.
  • In dry weather, water well before applying formula.
  • Apply only to soil surface around plants and between rows.
  • Do not apply directly to plants.
  • If slugs and snails are invading from adjacent properties, squeeze a solid line or line of drops along the entire perimeter of the infested area. This will form a barrier and result in excellent control.

Deadline Force II