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Tall Fescue - Perennial Ryegrass / Kentucky Bluegrass Mixture

1lb Covers 100 to 200 square feet New Lawn

1lb Covers 400 to 600 square feet Over Seeding Lawn.


A beautiful blend of drought resistant varieties of grass. It is a 'moderate-to-coarse-textured' lawn that is uniform in appearance with good insect and disease resistance. This mix is a fast growing, dense, drought-tolerant turf quality lawn requiring low maintenance. It needs consistent water when first planted, but will tolerate 'less water' conditions when established.


It may not be the perfect 'manicured-looking' front lawn, but it is a good option to consider for a 'good-looking' front lawn. It is a great option for a tough, low maintenance, 'kid-proof' back lawn. It is not as fine textured as Kentucky Bluegrass, but it is much more drought resistant. It can use 25% to 40% less water during the heat of summer than traditional grasses. 


Packed by: Rockin E Country Store 

Dura Turf Grass Mix Packets

SKU: 44510011107
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