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Halt Cribbing Coatings



Cribbing or crib-biting is when a horse gnaws on wood and sucks in air at the same time. It starts by bracing its teeth on a fence or rail. Then it flexes its neck and starts chewing on the wood. “Gulping” noises often accompany it. Which can all lead to always costly, sometimes deadly problems.


1.Brown is more repellant than clear and works better for problematic horses, however it will stain the wood a dark brown color.

2.Product should not be used over new pressure-treated lumber for the first year as it will soak into the wood.

3.You should wait at least 6 months before applying product to new lumber.

4.Do not apply product over varnished surfaces or latex paint, as it will not soak into the wood. 5.Clear can be applied over oil-based paint only.

6. Product can be used on trees less than 2 inches in diameter.

7. You must wait until product is completely absorbed into the wood before returning the horse to the stall.

8. Product should never be applied under the temperature of 60 degrees.

9. Product can be cleaned up with mineral spirits.

Available in 11.25 oz Aerosol 

Halt Cribbing Brown

SKU: 8753300690
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