One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner simultaneously cleans and conditions leather in one easy step! Thick, creamy formula helps prolong the life of and protect your leather investment. 

One Step Leather Cleaner and Conditioner won't run or drip. Contains a special blend of cleaners, conditioners and essential oils, such as avocado oil, that removes embedded dirt, sweat and grime. 

Keeps leather soft and pliable. Penetrates quickly to soften and restore elasticity to used leather, break in new leather and protect against drying and cracking. Can be used on all colors of leather; won't strip dye from black tack.

Won't leave a greasy, tacky residue or attract dust. Doesn't contain silicones, waxes or petroleum distillates that may harm leather stitching.

Horse Health Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

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