Keeps drinking water clean and clear

  • Ensures clean drinking water
  • Prevents film and residue
  • Reduces sludge
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Cleans organic contaminants
  • Designed for Equine Health and Care.

Clean Water Is Essential For Horse Health

Horse Trough Protector clarifies water by precipitating out organic particles. Our product will ensure water that is clean, clear, free of organic particles, & healthy. Trough protector contains safe & natural enzymes that break down organic contaminants through a natural process. With our product, cleaning becomes easy, simply add one ounce of our product weekly and rinse debris away with a hose. Spend more time working with your animals and less time cleaning up after them.

For use on plastic, galvanized, and heated troughs!

1 (one) capful treats 100 gallons of water

Horse Trough Protector

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