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Conserve water without having to sacrifice your lawn or garden thanks to the Hydretrain Moisture Manager. This unique root zone moisture manager, now in a granular, reduces overall watering requirements on lawns, landscape, gardens and potted plants by 50% or more.

Hydretain is a blend of hygroscopic humectants that convert humidity in the soil into water droplets that the plants can use to take up water and nutrients plants need to thrive, even under heat and drought stress. Kid and pet friendly,and easy to apply. 

  • Help your grass, plants, flowers, and vegetables better retain water to reduce the need for watering
  • Cuts the need for watering up to 50%, helping you conserve water during dry spells
  • Retains water that would otherwise be lost to natural evaporation and redirects it to your plants' root structures
  • Treats gardens up to 300 square feet or lawns up to 1,000 square feet

Hydretain Moisture Manager 3#

SKU: 768103000036
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