1 Gallon Plastic Nesting Poultry Waterer Jar

The nesting-style lug design makes attachment to the base easy, while the low profile enhances stability of the waterer. Fits the Little Giant 1-Gallon Nesting Waterer Base (sold separately). Jar is molded from durable transparent polyethylene so the water level is always visible. 8 inch diameter by 7.5 inch high. Little Giant is a family brand of Miller Manufacturng Company. 


  • Nesting-style lug design for easy attachment
  • Low profile enhances stability
  • Fits the Little Giant 1-Gallon Nesting-Style Waterer Base (sold separately)
  • Transparent polyethylene
  • Water level is always visible

Little Giant 1 Gallon Plastic Nesting Waterer w/ Lugs

SKU: 8436900680