Mare’s Match® is made with high quality milk protein and fat levels, providing the nutrition your foals need to reach their maximum potential when the mare is unable to produce for the foal.


Mare’s Match® closely matches the composition of mare’s milk, with 24% high quality milk protein and 16% homogenized fat. The nonmedicated formula has shown weight and growth similar to that of suckling foals.


Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer is formulated to:

• Meet the nutritional requirements of growing foals

• Provide maximum digestibility to meet foals’ energy requirements

• Help foals grow as well and look as good as on the mare

• Mix conveniently and quickly


Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer is best suited for:

• Orphan foals

• Foals with inadequate milk supply

• Foals with mares who won’t allow foal to nurse

• Foals born from sick mares

Mares Match Milk Replacer Powder

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  • Age of Foal Number of Feedings Per Day Feeding Rates Per Foal Daily, Quarts*

    1 Day - Colostrum

    2-7 Days** 4 4-8

    2nd Week 4 6-12

    3rd and 4th Week 3 8-15

    5th Week 3 6-12

    6th-8th Week 2 4-8


    *Higher feeding rates are designed for larger foals where maximum growth rate is desired. Ponies should be fed at ½ the lowest feeding rate for each age period.


    **Begin feeding in small amounts a high quality foal creep ration and fresh, clean water at all times. Gradually increase feeding rate over time.

    For best results, feed foals Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer for the first 8 weeks and transition to Mare’s Match® foal milk transition pellets to ease the stress of weaning.