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Kill over 100 listed insect pests in your garden including aphids, caterpillars, thrips, whiteflies, and Japanese beetles. The product can be used on roses, flowers, and ornamental plants without fear of harming plants or blooms. Simply apply directly from the bottle as indicated in instruction booklet. Kills existing listed pests, and keeps killing for up to 4 weeks.


  • Controls insects, fungal diseases and mites, including spider mites
  • Use on flowers, listed fruit and nut trees, ornamentals, vegetables and vine plants
  • Controls aphids, Japanese beetles, spider mites, whiteflies, caterpillars and other listed insects
  • Controls fungal diseases including blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, scab, blight, brown rot and leaf spot
  • Can be used up to day before harvest

Ortho 3 in1 Insect, Mite & Disease 24 oz

$8.99 Regular Price
$5.39Sale Price
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