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  • Pet Factory beefhide munchy rolls are made from ground, American-sourced beefhide with potato starch used as a binder—this creates a satisfyingly crunchy treat that's much easier for dogs to chew than regular beefhide.
  • This treat scrapes plaque off your dog’s teeth as they chew to help prevent tartar buildup and promote good teeth and gum health.
  • These gnaw-some rolls are basted in droolworthy chicken flavor.
  • Mini rolls offer a quick, yummy way for your pal to get their chew on.
  • With paw-rental supervision, this chew offers a tasty, fun and satisfying workout for your dog’s wild instincts.

For a softer alternative to pure rawhide, try Pet Factory Beefhide Munchy Mini Rolls 5-inch Chicken Flavored Dog Hard Chews! These premium-quality treats are made with ground, US beefhide and potato starch for a satisfying crunch that’s easy to chew. Each roll is basted in paw-some chicken flavor and helps scrape away plaque from your dog’s teeth as they chew. And best of all, they contain no harmful additives or preservatives—so you can love Munchy Mini Rolls just as much as your dog does!

Pet Factory Chicken Flavored Beefhide 40 Pack Munchy Rolls

SKU: 094983287503
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