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You can’t cover your horse in protective wrap to keep him from injuring himself, but PuriShield™ Barrier Spray is the next best choice!  Its unique, innovative formula contains exclusive Purifect® Technology and covers the wound to protect against germs, dirt, debris, water and insects.

  • Patented Purifect® Technology supports the body's naturally occurring immune response to help your horse heal his wounds
  • Breathable, flexible protective coating
  • Ideal for hard-to-bandage areas
  • Protects against germs, dirt, debris, water and insects
  • Does not damage live, healthy or injured tissue
  • NO steroids, antibiotics, alcohol or harsh chlorine
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-stinging & non-staining
  • For the management of infected wounds, open wounds, cuts, abrasions, minor lacerations, scrapes, bite & kick wounds, saddle sores, girth galls, burns, rashes and more!
  • For use on horses, livestock, dogs & cats

PuriShield Barrier Spray 8 oz

SKU: 8662100174
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