Skinneeez Tons-O-Squeakers toys feature 19 squeakers, located throughout the head, body, and limbs. No matter where your dog chomps this plush toy, he's likely to get a squeaky reward. The durable poly plush exterior is offered in attractive water animal styles — you'll want one of each. The long, lean design is easy for dogs to carry and produces a flip-flopping, prey-like action. Long-lasting fun! Spot clean.


Key Benefits
•Realistic animal shape
•Endless fun with this stuffing free toy
•19 squeakers ensure your pet's every chomp is rewarded with sound
•Stuffing-free for long-lasting play without fill to rip out
•Long, lean designs provide easy-to-carry, flip-flopping action

Spot Skinneeez Tons-O-Squeaker Seal 21"