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Farm Feed

We are committed to providing the very best feeds for all your animals around the farm or in the backyard!  We carry a variety of brands that include but are not limited to Purina, IFA, and Nutrena.   

white salt block.jpg

White Salt Blocks & Bricks

cracked corn.jpg

Cracked Corn

goat mineral.jpg

Purina Goat Mineral

trace mineral block.jpg

Trace Mineral Salt Blocks & Bricks

whole corn.jpg

Whole Corn

goat chow.png

Purina Goat Chow

dry cob.jpg

Dry C.O.B. (Corn, Oats, & Barley)

rocky mountain sweet mix.jpg

Rocky Mountain Sweet Mix

ifa show steer.jpg

IFA Show Power Steer 

crimped oats.jpg

Crimped Oats

(brand can vary)

country acre sweet mix.jpg

Country Acre Sweet Mix

ifa show goat.jpg

IFA Show Power Goat

ifa show lamb.jpg

IFA Show Power Lamb

ifa show pig.jpg

IFA Show Power Pig


Straw Bales

alfalfa hay.jpg

Alfalfa Bales 65-75lbs

grass hay.jpg

Grass Hay Bales

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