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Take charge of ant threats with these multi-purpose bait station stakes, Amdro Ant Killer Bait Station Stakes 8 Pack. Ideal for outdoor use, easily push them into semi-soft ground or lay them flat indoors. Once in place, they lure scout ants, which then carry the active ingredient back to the colony. When the product is shared with the queen, the colony dies. These bait stakes are already configured for immediate use indoor or outdoor. No need to activate the bait such as piercing the gel or plastic for it to work. Simply remove the product from the box and place along ant trails and in areas where ants are seen. Treat when ants first appear and replace all ant stakes after 6 weeks. Amdro Ant Killing Bait Stakes can be placed around the perimeter of the vegetable garden but not directly in the vegetable garden. The bait stakes can be used in ornamental gardens and flower beds. On hard surface lay flat. Always place ant stakes in areas inaccessible to children, pets, and other non target animals.

  • Starts working immediately
  • Bait station stakes are ready to use right out of the box
  • Stake into soft ground or lay flat on hard surfaces
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • For Indoor or Outdoor use
  • 8 Pack, Ant Bait Station Stakes per box

Amdro Ant Killer Indoor and Outdoor Bait Station Stakes, 8 Pack

SKU: 813576004408
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