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Fung-onil Multi-PurposeFungicide is highly effective for the control of a broad spectrum of vegetable,fruit, and ornamental plant diseases.


  • Contains Chlorothalonil 29.6%
  • Broad spectrum fungicide forlawns and gardens
  • Controls leaf spots, rust,blights, fruit rot and more listed diseases
  • Water based
  • For use on roses, flowers,vegetables, fruit & shade trees
  • Multi-purpose & easy to apply
  • Concentrate pint(16oz), Use aslittle as 1-1/2 tsps per gallon


BONIDE Fung-Onil is a broad-spectrumplant disease control designed for use on a variety of plants, such as beans, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, corn, azaleas, eucalyptus, maple trees, daisies, geraniums, roses and many more. It protects your garden against black spot, botrytis blights, anthracnose, rusts, powdery mildews, scab and many more diseases. The active ingredient listed is Chlorothalonil, which is an organic compound mainly used as a broad-spectrum fungicide. Much like sulfur and copper, it is one of the most commonly used fungicides in the United States. BONIDE Fung-Onil is a liquid concentrate that readily mixes with water and should be used in a tank-type manually operated or power sprayer. Carefully read and use according to label directions.

Bonide Fung-onil Multipurpose Fungicide

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