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Keep the garden you worked so hard to create safe from pests with Bonide's Tomato And Vegetable Pesticide 3-In-1!

Key Product Features

  • Kills species of aphid, spider mite, ant, cricket, weevil, caterpillar, fly, thrip, silverfish, & more.
  • Protects vegetables and vine plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans, melons, squash, berries, and flowers
  • Kills Aphids, mites, bugs, scale, caterpillars, whitefly, thrips, scab, rust, powdery mildew, leaf spots, blight, brown rot and other listed insects and diseases
  • May be used up to day before harvest
  • For outdoor and indoor/greenhouse use
  • Contains sulfur and pyrethrin

Bonide Tomato & Vegetable 3 In 1 is a multi-purpose fungicide, mildewcide and insecticide for use on tomatoes and vegetables. Effective on all stages of insects life cycle from egg to adult. Prevents as well as controls disease outbreaks.

Bonide Tomato And Vegetable Pesticide 3-In-1 Ready To Use, 32oz

SKU: 037321006886
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