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Shield your plants from drying out, drought, wind burn, sunscald, winter, transplant shock and salt damage with the help of this Bonide 40-oz, Ready-to-Use Wilt Stop Plant Protector. This product is specially formulated to be natural and nontoxic. It is derived from the resin of pine trees to form a soft and clear flexible film on treated plants. It also helps to extend the life of cut flowers and Christmas trees. This Wilt Stop spray is ideal for use all year round on deciduous trees, evergreens, roses, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and transplants. It helps to reduce the loss of moisture when plants are under stress. This Bonide Wilt Stop spray can be used on both dormant and growing foliage. One application lasts all season.

Bonide 40-oz Ready-to-Use Wilt Stop Plant Protector:

  • Anti-transpirant plant protector
  • Bonide Wilt Stop helps reduce transplant shock
  • Reduces moisture loss when plants are under stress
  • Stops winter kill, wind burn, sunscald, salt damage and drying out
  • Extends the life of Christmas trees
  • Also great for azaleas, evergreens, holly and rhododendrons
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • 40-fl oz spray
  • 1 application of this Wilt Stop spray lasts all season
  • Made with natural and nontoxic ingredients
  • Forms a soft, clear, flexible film on treated plants

Bonide Wilt Stop Plant Protector Spray, Ready to Use 40oz

SKU: 037321000990
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