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Coastal Pet Best Fit® Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle features:
Get the perfect fit
Features loop and hook chin strap
Allows for a custom fit

Elastic across the top helps prevent muzzle from riding up into the dogs eyes
Comfortably allows the dog to drink water and pant


Getting the perfect fit is essential when using a muzzle - Coastal Pet Best Fit® Adjustable Comfort Muzzle is designed for a perfect fit when temporarily needing to muzzle your dog. Please measure your dog's "snout" to determine what size muzzle to purchase.  Refer to the additional product image with how to measure diagram instructions. The Best Fit® muzzle features a loop and hook chin strap that provides a more a customized fit with elastic across the top that helps keep the muzzle from going up into your dog's eyes.


Sometimes you need a little extra assistance with your pup and need the temporary solution to use a muzzle for training or control. The Coastal Pet Best Fit adjustable comfort muzzle is comfortable for your dog and effective for you.


*Please see image for sizing recommendation.

Coastal Basket Muzzle, Multiple Sizes

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