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Get ready. Get set. Run! The Titan Aerial Dog Run Dog Trolley Tie-Out Cable is perfect for pups with a bounty of energy. Simply connect the run between two wooden sources—like trees, a house, or poles—and you’ve got yourself a dog run! To use, clip your dog’s collar to the cable and watch him go. This tie-out includes a lead line and all the hardware to set up your pooch’s favorite new activity.


  • A dog run designed to help release your dog’s surplus of energy.
  • Made of durable hardware that’s safe to keep outside.
  • Gives your pup the freedom and safety to exercise outdoors.
  • Dog Run Trolley Tie-Out Cable includes lead line and all hardware to set up.
  • Supports dogs up to 80 pounds.

Coastal Pet Titan Aerial Dog Run 50'

SKU: 7648489071
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