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The comfort harness and stretchy stroller leash are the safest and most stylish way to walk your favorite furry friend. The comfort harness is designed to comfortably conform to your critter's contour. Comfort harnesses Velcro straps make fitting remarkably easy, while the e-z snap buckle ensures a safe and secure connection on the harness. The comfort harness comes complete with a stretchy stroller leash made just for small animals. The unique harness and stretchy stroller ensures your pet cannot get away from you, yet its elasticity helps prevent injuries to your pet while being walked.


Size Small

  • The adjustable small size fits small ferrets, pet rats and other smaller critters.
  • Adjustable with Velcro straps; fits neck size 5" to 7" and waist size 7" to 9"
  • Encourages healthy exercise
  • Designed to prevent injuries and ensure safety of pet
  • 4-foot leash

Comfort Harness Small w/ Stretchy Leash

SKU: 4512562290
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