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A unique alternative to our original deer stopper formula, Deer Stopper II can be used to discourage deer, moose & elk from devastating plants (including gardens, shrubs, flowers & trees), bedding down & rubbing against tree trunks. With an abundant food supply & protection from the elements, deer will forage & feed leading to crop loss & other plant damage. To prevent further home & garden harm, apply Deer Stopper II to key areas every 30 days regardless of weather or watering. It is pleasant to use, dries clear & odor free and is safe to use around fruits & vegetables.

  • Easy to Use - Highly effective solution for preventing foraging and entry damage such as devastating plants (including gardens, shrubs, flowers and trees), bedding down and rubbing against tree trunks. Simply spray a fine mist to apply.
  • All Natural Ingredients - Safe to use around kids, pets, and vegetables, our plant-powered formula deters animals without using any harsh chemicals. Guaranteed effective for 30 days per application, regardless of rain, weather and watering.

  • Animal Repellent - This highly effective solution is ready to use and repels deer, moose, and elk.

  • Safe for use around pets and kids when used as directed. 

Deer Stopper II; Deer Repellent 32oz

SKU: 813935000034
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