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Down to Earth Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer Mix:

  • Great source of trace elements for fertilizing and soil conditions
  • Ideal for roses
  • Works very well as a compost bio activator due to its remarkable nitrogen and carbon ratio
  • Also use as a mulch for the planting and growing stages of your plant's life
  • OMRI listed
  • An excellent soil conditioner, Alfalfa Meal is a rich source of trace elements and natural growth stimulants
  • Recommended for all flowering plants, especially roses
  • Accelerates growth, and promotes larger, more plentiful blooms
  • It is also useful as a compost bio-activator due to its high organic matter content and ideal carbon-to-nitrogen ratio

Down to Earth Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer 5#

SKU: 714360078509
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