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  • - EASY AND EFFECTIVE MOTH CONTROL: Moth pest control includes two traps with lures for attracting and trapping moths
  • - MADE WITH A PHEROMONE: Pheromone lures attract male moths, trapping them on the sticky pad; Capturing adult male moths prevents them from mating and multiplying; Each lure lasts up to 3 months
  • - KILL MOTHS ANYWHERE: For use in pantries and kitchens within homes and apartments; Safe for use in food-handling and storage areas
  • - ATTRACTS AND KILLS BIRDSEED AND PANTRY MOTHS: Including Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, Almond moths, and Raisin moths

Enoz BioCare Birdseed & Pantry Moth Traps, 2 Pack

SKU: 5258700204
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