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Not So Sweet Itch Products
Not so sweet itch formula is a spray that comes in 3 sizes.  8 oz, 16 oz value size and 32 oz refill size.  Used often during the season, it helps relieve the itching, inflammation and pain associated with sensitivity to certain types of seasonal pests.  Use daily while the sweet itch is actively causing rubbing.
•    Stops Mane and tail rubbing with continued use in many cases overnight improvement
•    Does not cure Sweet itch…instead it helps relieve the symptoms making the horse more comfortable and stop or reduce rubbing so the body can continue to balance and heal.
•    Very pleasant aroma.
•    Stops itching from bug bites on dogs and I even use it on myself!
•    Contains coconut oil and pure essential oils and witch hazel
Not so sweet Itch gel contains the same essential oils as the spray formula including coconut oil, witch hazel , essential oils and organic aloe vera in a gel form for those places that spay is not optimal such as the face, ears, girth area and some horses just prefer the gel.

Equi-Spa Not So Sweet Itch 8 oz

SKU: 9657900206
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