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Farnam® Thrush Relief
formerly know as Thrush-XX™ Thrush Treatment Aid

Same great product, with a new name!

Farnam® Thrush Relief is a copper naphthenate formula that helps clear out thrush quickly.


  • Water resistant so no bandaging is required
  • Permits air to penetrate for quick recovery and preventative action

Item Specifications:

 16 oz.

Directions for Use:


Shake Well Before Using. Clean the hoof thoroughly by removing debris and necrotic material prior to application. A narrow paint brush (about 1" in diameter) may be used to assure thorough coverage. Apply daily.

This product is easily removed from hands, clothing, and surfaces with a light grade fuel oil or any type of lighter fluid.

Farnam Thrush Relief 16 oz

SKU: 8662102737
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