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Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 0.03% 

For use on lawns, ornamentals, listed garden vegetables, & fruit trees.

Provides 4 month control of insects indoors and up to 6 weeks of control of insects outdoors. Kills insects and pests that damage roses, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and lawns. Insects Controlled: ants, armyworms, crickets, mosquitoes, ticks, and many more listed on the label.

• Apply when insects first appear. Spray to thoroughly cover upper and lower leaf surfaces, stems, and branches. Penetrate dense foliage.
• Apply as needed, waiting 7 to 14 days between each application.

Indoor Application Rates:
Add 16 fl. oz. to an empty 1 gallon sprayer. Slowly fill with 82 fl. oz. of clean tap water.

Works better with Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker.

Fertilome Broad Spectrum Insecticide 16 oz & 32 oz

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