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The ThermaFit Gloves are popular for cold weather chores and gardening. They have a cotton/polyester double napped acrylic liner that provides a cushion of air to protect hands from cold applications, as well as natural rubber coating on the palm and fingertips to offer excellent abrasion resistance.


- The Atlas 451 (300-I) ThermaFit has PolyCotton/Acrylic liner.
- The ThermaFit has a tough natural rubber coating on a thicker, warmer liner ideal for cold weather chores and gardening.
- The breathable fleeced knit liner is napped and brushed to keep hands warm.
- The rubber coated palm protects from moisture.
- Rough grip helps handle wet slippery objects.
- Machine washable - will not shrink.


- Gardening
- Fishing
- Cleaning
- Farming
- Janitorial work
- Refrigeration work

Product Attributes

- Puncture Resistant
- Abrasion Resistant



Golden Stag Lined Atlas Therma Fit Coated Glove, Style 88, Gray

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