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  • Helps your chinchilla clean himself naturally and promotes a lush coat and healthy skin.
  • Made with 100% natural volcanic pumice sourced from the Andes Mountains where wild chinchillas thrive.
  • Ultra-low dust so your pal can take baths with less mess, and is easy to pour into your pal’s bathing bowl out of the package.
  • It’s the same material your pal would use in his native habitat, and helps support healthy grooming, play and relaxation.
  • Comes with pre-measured, ready-to-use packets in each box so there’s no guessing how much you need.

Help keep your pal clean and healthy with the Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand. It’s made of 100% natural, volcanic mountain pumice sourced from the Andes Mountains―which is where your chinchilla’s wild relatives are from! The volcanic pumice is virtually dust-free so your pal can take a bath just as his wild cousins do, with less mess. Plus, you’ll never need to guess how much sand your buddy needs because it comes with 5 ready-to-use and easy to pour packets in every box. It not only helps clean your furry buddy, but it also helps encourage healthy grooming behaviors and play while supporting coat health. Simply pour and let furbaby bath time begin!

Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand, 5 - 140 gram packets

SKU: 4512560413
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