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1lb Covers 100-200 squre feet.


Just imagine a dark green lawn that only needs watering every 10 to 14 days, requires little fertilizer, and still gives dense coverage (even in the heat of summer.) This is a mixture of grass varietites, known for their drought tolerance & slow growth. 


LessWater(R) is a more coarse bladed lawn, than Kentucky bluegrass. It has a dark green color, it is tolerant of moderate traffic, and creates a dense turf when closely seeded. 


LessWater(R) is a blend of dwarf tall fescue which has a root system that grows deep, for acquiring water. Many shallow rooted grasses need frequent watering but LessWater(R) mix needs infrequent deep water because of its vast root system. Tall fescue has a very deep root system, and a bunch-type growth habit. 


It can look nice, but it is 'Not the best mixture for the Perfect Front Lawn.' It makes a great 'Back Yard' lawn when water conservation is important. 


Packaged by: Rockin E Country Store 


LessWater Lawn Mixture - Dwarf Tall Fescue Blend Packets

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