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  • PROVIDES HEAT - This bulb is made to be used with a 10.5-inch reflector lamp and is designed to provide enough heat for small flocks, it can be conveniently used in many situations.
  • CE CERTIFIED - This clear heat lamp has a cETL and CE certified alloy bulb with a non-stick base. The bulb is made with extra thick filaments that are enclosed in a high-quality bulb made with test tube glass.
  • EASY-TO-USE - This bulb is simple to use for brooding chickens and other poultry, simply screw the bulb into your lamp and direct the heat where you want it.
  • 6000 HOUR LIFE - The alloy bulb has a 6000-hour life span which ensures you have plenty of hours of warmth for your brooding chicks. The additional filament support wires increase the durability and life of the bulb.
  • 250 WATT - This is a 250 Watt or 120 Volt bulb. It is important to get a bulb so you are ready when you are done with your egg incubator!

Little Giant Clear Heat Lamp Bulb 250 Watt

SKU: 8436917003
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