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Keep your poultry in tip-top shape with this chicken wound care ointment. Manna Pro Hen Healer Ointment is perfect for small wounds, minor cuts, sores, chapping and dry skin. Creating an excellent barrier against insects, moisture and dirt, this hen ointment has a healing base of lanolin. Add Manna Pro's poultry wound care poultry wound care product to your supplies today.

  • Blue hen ointment formula helps prevent pecking
  • Labeled specifically for all types of poultry
  • Chicken wound care helps support healing of minor wounds
  • Lanolin-based formula of poultry wound care soothes irritated skin and prevents drying and cracking
  • Creates an excellent barrier against insects, moisture, and dirt
  • No egg withdrawal required to use hen ointment

Manna Pro Hen Healer, Blue Formula 2 oz.

SKU: 9566895112
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