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The dastardly varmints that destroy your garden from below are no match for Messinas Mole and Vole Stopper! These tunnelers will get an eviction notice, whether they’re out for your plants or the grubs that live among the roots. The repellent spray dries clear and odorless, and is safe around people and animals.

• Rodents find the taste, feel and smell repulsive
• Will not damage or discolor vegetation
• Safe for use around edibles
• Lasts 30 days, even with a consistent watering schedule and significant rain
• Dries clear and odorless

Available in a 32-oz hose-end spray bottle (covers up to 10,000 square feet).

Messina's Mole & Vole Stopper 32oz RTS

SKU: 813935004056
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