Long-lasting DuraChew Bones - Original Flavor are flavor enhanced bones your dog can't resist! Chewing the durable chew bones massages teeth and gums without tooth wear.


•Helps clean teeth and control tartar and plaque buildup
•Designed for powerful chewers & satisfies natural urge to chew
•Made in the USA


70% of dogs tested showed a significant improvement in dental health when allowed to chew Nylabone at will. Tough Nylabone is endorsed by leading dog authorities like the ASPCA and used by animal hospitals, kennels and humane shelters.

Nylabone Dura Chew Original Flavor

  • Petite - 3.5" Long - (Dogs 1-15 lbs)
    Regular - 4.5" Long - (Dogs 16-25 lbs)
    Wolf - 5.5" Long - (Dogs 26-35 lbs)
    Giant - 7.5" Long - (Dogs 36-50 lbs)