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Question: Which chew toy is better - a bacon-flavored bone or a minty, chew toy dogs can really sink their teeth into? Answer: Both! DuraChew Double Action Bacon Flavor Spiky Ball Toys from Nylabone gives gnaw-happy pups double the fun with bacon-flavored ends and a keep-the-breath-fresh middle with raised rubber nubs that clean the teeth and gums.


Key Benefits
•Minty center freshens doggy breath making kisses much more enjoyable and a bacon flavored ends make this an irresistible toy for any pet.
•Dental nubs help clean teeth, massage gums and reduce tartar while your pet chews and gnaws away.
•Durable premium rubber construction and puncture resistant for lasting use. It'll help keep your pet entertained and encourage safe, healthy chewing habits that save shoes and furniture from destructive chewing.
•The unique design makes this toy easy for your pup to carry around since they can grip the center effortlessly.
•Vet-recommended so you can feel confident about giving this toy to your furry family member.

Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Spiky Ball

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