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Alive & Well Probiotic / Vitamin / Electrolyte Supplement is a fizz-tab stress preventative for pocket pets such as hamsters gerbils mice fancy rats and guinea pigs. Alive & Well introduces probiotics vitamins and electrolytes into the digestive system of small pet animals during stressful periods. By preventing physical and emotional stress associated stress-triggered illnesses such as wet-tail diarrhea can be prevented. Alive & Well's unique formula also includes the beneficial probiotic bacteria recommended as a follow-up treatment that should follow any use of antibiotics in small animals. Pets love the orange flavor and consume more treated water increasing the odds of a successful stress-free transfer in habitat and diet. Use before during and after any transfer to new habitat or during travel. Includes 6 tablets.

Oasis Alive & Well "Pocket Pet" Starter Tabs, 6 Tablets

SKU: 4805480063
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