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Pond Care Pond Salt is an all-natural salt intended for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens. Pond Salt adds natural electrolytes, improves gill function, and reduces fish stress. Koi and goldfish actively maintain a natural balance of electrolytes in their body fluids. Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium are removed from the water by chloride cells located on the gills. These electrolytes are essential for the uptake of oxygen, and the release of carbon dioxide. The lack of electrolytes can cause serious health problems for pond fish. During periods of disease and stress, healthy gill function is disturbed. This can lead to loss of electrolytes and osmotic shock. Osmotic shock reduces the ability of the gills to take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide and ammonia. Pond Salt reduces the risk of osmotic shock by replenishing natural electrolytes fish need.

Pond Salt can also be used to reduce the toxicity of nitrite to koi and gold fish. Nitrite (NO2-) enters the gills and prevents the blood from carrying oxygen, resulting in nitrite toxicity (methemoglobinemia). Pond Salt will temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite until water quality can be improved.

Many external parasitic infestations (Trichodina, Ichthyobodo, and Epistylis) and fungal infections can be eradicated with a short-term bath.

Pond Salt contains no artificial additives, sugar, or color like table salt. It is made from evaporated sea water, which contains the following beneficial electrolytes needed by freshwater fish: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride.

Pond Care Pond Salt 4.4#

SKU: 1716365156
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