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RESCUE! pantry & birdseed moth trap 2 Pack pheromone trap are disposable, recyclable & ready-to-use. Easy to use in the kitchen, pantry, garage or shed. Safe near food, non-toxic & is a no-mess activation. RESCUE! goal is to design, manufacture & market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available. Our products are the result of exhaustive & ongoing research & development, decades of experience & a commitment to solutions that respect the environment without sacrificing results. Established in 1982, RESCUE! pest control products have never used poisons or toxicants to kill pest insects.

Captures all common pantry and birdseed moths including Indian meal moth, raisin moth, almond moth and Mediterranean flour moth
Pheromone lure trap is both durable, decorative with no-mess activation; safe near food
Two sides of glue with four entrances and its discreet color, it captures moths and escapes notice.
Each trap lasts approximately 3 months; traps are disposable, recyclable and ready-to-use
Made in USA; no poisons or killing agents used

Rescue Moth Trap Pantry and Birdseed, 2 Pack

SKU: 042853140007
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