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Ironite Mineral Supplement by Pennington, 1-0-0 Fertilizer 3 lb., is a unique mineral supplement fertilizer that provides a deep green lawn without the excessive growth that some nitrogen-rich fertilizers can cause. While nitrogen causes greening and growth, iron provides greening without the growth surge. So if you want to spend more time enjoying your lush green lawn and less time mowing it, apply this premium iron formula any time of year to any type of grass. To deliver lawn care results that truly exceed your expectations, we have enhanced this product with beneficial microbes and advanced soil technology.

  • Iron rich Mineral Supplement
  • Contains more iron for a deeper green
  • For use on: lawns, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, trees
  • Non-burning and non-staining Fertilizer
  • Helps grass use nutrients found naturally in the soil
  • NPK 1-0-0 fertilizer 
  • Read and follow all package instructions, warnings and labels
  • Coverage area: 1000 square feet
  • 3 lb. ; 0.14 cu  ft 

Ironite Mineral Supplement by Pennington, 1-0-0 Fertilizer, 3 lb.

SKU: 2149601357
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