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  • Soft bristle brush cleans and shines your pooch’s coat.
  • To remove dirt and debris, angle the brush and use quick strokes.
  • Use long strokes to distribute her natural oils for a beautifully shiny coat.
  • Features an eco-friendly bamboo handle that gives you a secure, comfortable grip while brushing your furbaby.
  • Regular use will help keep your dog’s coat healthy and soft.

Give your pooch a show-stopping shine with Safari’s Bamboo Bristle Dog Brush. This brush removes tangles, mats, dirt and debris, leaving her with a beautiful and shiny coat. It removes loose hair to keep her shedding from littering your clothes, furniture and floors. Designed for pooches with all lengths of hair, this brush is paw-fect for pugs to Bernese Mountain dogs. And you’ll appreciate the eco-friendly bamboo handle gives you a comfortable grip as you bond while grooming.

Safari Bristle Brush for Small/Medium Dogs

SKU: 7648496410
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