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  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes with all different hair lengths and thicknesses.
  • Coated tips allow for gentle detangling.
  • Comfortably removes loose hair to help reduce shedding.
  • Curved design provides comfortable brushing—especially in sensitive areas.
  • A paw-fect addition to your grooming routine to help your pooch have a beautiful coat.

Pamper your pooch with Safari’s Flexible Slicker Dog Brush. The curved head conforms to the contours of his body for a more comfortable brushing experience—especially in sensitive areas. The tips are coated to gently remove mats and tangles without discomfort. Plus, it removes loose hair, helping to reduce shedding that covers your clothing, furniture and floors. Use regularly to help keep his coat healthy and beautiful.


Safari Curved Firm Slicker Brush for Small Dogs

SKU: 7648494620
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