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Shake-Away Fox Urine Granules are an effective, natural, and non-harmful product used for repelling rabbits, groundhogs, possums, woodchucks, and other small critter animals from damaging flower beds, vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, and more. This product takes advantage of the Predator-Prey relationship, specifically the prey animals genetically programmed instinctual fear of being harmed. Simply spot-treat the general activity area twice a week for the first two/three weeks and then twice a month for maintenance. Over time this will significantly reduce and eliminate pest activity. OMRI Certified for ORGANIC USE. Safe and will not harm animals or plants*Remains effective in normal weather conditions and irrigation. * Covers appx. 10,000 sq. ft.

Shake Away Fox Urine Animal Repellent Granules For Small Critters 28.5 oz

SKU: 714183285221
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