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Give your fuzzy bird-lover some healthy playtime fun with Ethical Pet Feather Dangler Wand Cat Toy. This 18-inch wand toy lets you dangle and drag its enticing feather for exciting interactive play with your kitty. Watch as your favorite feline swats and leaps acrobatically—as all cats should! This purr-ennial favorite toy gets older cats and young ones playing like mad.

Key Benefits

  • A great way to interact and play with your feline friend.
  • Multicolored feather toy naturally attracts the attention of cats.
  • Dangling element works great for cats who prefer string toys.
  • Bounce it, drag it across the floor or keep it airborne for hours of healthy play.
  • Long plastic wand keeps your hands out of the way of sharp claws and kitty teeth.

Spot Feather Dangler

SKU: 7723402437
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