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Volkman Avian Science Super Hookbill Bird Food is a nutritionally balanced diet fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and select grains. Each delicious mix is made with your pet's favorite seeds, fruits and vegetables. Provides essential nutrients your bird needs to live a long, healthy life. Contains exceptionally clean, all-natural, human-grade ingredients.

Volkman Hookbill 4#

SKU: 7078922104
  • Safflower Seed, Wheat, Oat Groats, Buckwheat, Millet, Corn, Rough Rice, Banana, Barley, Shelled Peanuts, Dehydrated Peas, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Papaya, Dried Apple, Dehydrated Carrot, Coconut, Peppers, Safflower Oil, Orange Oil, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Banana Flavor, FD&C Yellow 6

  • Crude Protein (Min)    12.5%

    Crude Fat (Min)     17.6%

    Crude Fiber (Max)    10%

    Moisture (Max)     15%

    Ash (Max)    2.5%

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