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Un-Named Varieties 

1lb Covers 200 to 300 square feet New Lawn

1lb Covers 500 to 800 square feet Over Seeding 


Kentucky Bluegrass is a good type of grass for the Intermountain area. It has a dark-blue-green color, and a uniform texture that makes this variety a favorite. It is very cold hardy, and grows well in the fall, winter and spring; it needs to slow down during the heat of summer. Reduce fertilizer during the hot weather to help reduce excessive growth.


Kentucky Bluegrass is not drought tolerant. It requires regular irrigation, but it usually requires a lot less water than most people apply. If water stressed, it will usually recover, and look great, after short periods of extreme dryness. Good for play areas, front lawns, and all areas in the yard. Will tolerate mild shade with regular overseeding. Use Sun & Shade mix for high-to-dense shaded areas.


Packaged by: Rockin E Country Store 

Kentucky Bluegrass Packets

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