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Kentucky Bluegrass & Perennial Rye Mixture 

1lb Covers 200 to 300 square feet for New Lawns

1lb Covers 500 to 800 square feet for Over Seeding 


Great blend for most yards. Good color and texture. Good wear resistance for play areas, and high traffic areas. Requires less water than using 100% Kentucky Blue varieties.


This is a blend of 3 varieties Kentucky Bluegrass that have shown some resistance to Necrotic Ringspot, and 2 varieties of perennial ryegrass seed. No variety of grass is completely resistant, but you can help prevent this disease with the correct seed choice, and by incorporating some preventative maintenance.


Overseed affected areas as offten as needed. Apply Dr Earth Lawn Food 1 to 3 times a year; to add beneficial bacteria. Apply Humic Acid once or twice a year to promote growth of beneficial bacteria. 


Packaged by: Rockin E Country Store 

Necrotic Ringspot Resistant Packets

SKU: 44510011172
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