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elfa "Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressings. Superior "Ouchless" dressing won't disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wound. Ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds. Ideal take home dressing.

  • Bonded on both sides with perforated non-adherent film: Can be cut to fit any shape without separating.
  • Easy to use: An ideal take home dressing.
  • Offers the most comprehensive range of sizes and offerings: Can address most of the wound care and post surgical applications.
  • Superior "Ouchless" Telfa contact layer has clinically proven non-adherency: Minimizes wound trauma; will not disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wound.
  • Polyester wound contact film polymer: Can be steam sterilized.
  • Telfa film has 382 holes per square inch with a diameter of 0.020 - 0.030 in.: Tested to provide the optimal balance of non-adherence and exudate migration.
  • Absorbent core is made out of 100% USP grade absorbent Cotton: Highly absorbent to help minimizes skin masceration.
  • Ideal moisture vapor transmission rate: Helps control the fluid loss and to provide moist wound healing environment.

Telfa Ouchless Pads 2x3 & 3x4

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